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4 times more Twitter followers without incurring campaign costs

SNS (Twitter) Follow & Retweet Campaign

Please tell us the "motivation" for considering the introduction of the service.

Since the response of the Twitter campaign was weak, we are considering introducing digital gifts. We talked to several companies that offer digital gifts on our website, and decided to use it because we decided that the cost would be the lowest and the maximum effect could be expected.

Were there any similar services that were weighed?

We compared about 3 companies in terms of the number of products, fees and the cost of the instant win system.The deciding factor was that mafin was quick to respond to quotations and could be used at a reasonable cost, including the use of instant wins.

What kind of effects and results did the introduction have?

We conducted a follow & retweet campaign on Twitter, and the number of followers has quadrupled in a week.

Please tell us your impressions of using the service.

I was surprised that I was able to increase the number of followers by about four times with almost no preparation for holding the campaign.

It was the first time for me to introduce digital gifts, but I was able to take cost-effective measures without any anxiety due to the polite response, so I plan to continue to carry out regular campaign measures on SNS.

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