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We were able to build continuous relationships with business partners and partners

As a thank you gift for the meeting

Please tell us the "motivation" for considering the introduction of the service.

The problem was that the relationship was weakened due to the increase in remote meetings due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

In addition to email, it was attractive to be able to send by various methods such as message application and direct mail of SNS.

Were there any similar services that were weighed?

Since it matched our needs, we have not compared it.


What kind of effects and results did the introduction have?

I was more pleased than I expected, and now I can build a lasting relationship.





Please let me know if there is a way to utilize it in the future

We would like to continue to use it in various ways, such as giving thanks to our business partners and partner companies, as well as giving back to our employees.

Since 2021, a branding PR company that has been providing services that include tools that can train public relations personnel who will be responsible for branding, called the "Kohojin Club," and operate the Web version of the public relations medium, "News Room."

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