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For promotions and campaigns!
Digital Gift
can improve satisfaction and reduce costs

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Digital Gift service

mafin is a digital gift that can be used for business promotion and campaigns.
Efficiently increase business awareness, acquire customers, and improve satisfaction at low cost.
Contribute to your marketing success.

What is a Digital Gift?

Digital gift is a system that allows you to easily give gifts to customers via the Web by digitizing gift certificates of various brands and products sold at convenience stores.

Customers simply receive the URL via email or SNS and exchange it for a free gift at the store using the issued barcode or QR code.
You can reduce the cost and work burden related to holding a campaign, and it will be useful in various marketing scenes.

mafin supports successful promotion


Rich prize lineup

You can choose the gift that matches your promotion from more than 800 kinds of prizes that meet various needs.

Receive free gifts easily with your smartphone

It's a digital gift that customers redeem for gifts, so there's no need to arrange gift wrapping or delivery.

Cost reduction through digitalization

You can reduce all costs of running a campaign, such as warehouse inventory management and shipping work.

mafin solves these business challenges


I want to hold a campaign that can attract customers efficiently


I want to reduce the cost of holding a campaign


I want to spread the campaign in conjunction with SNS

Please let us know your concerns about promotion. We will propose the best way to use digital gifts for your business.

We propose the best gifts for promotion from our abundant lineup.

We will introduce the best gifts according to the promotion target, budget, etc. We can also support nationwide campaigns.

Reduce all business burdens and costs such as inventory management, delivery costs, and human costs

Since it can be easily sent by e-mail or SNS, inventory management is not required, and the labor and cost required for delivery can be reduced.

Achieves the spread of campaigns and measurement of effects by linking with SNS

You can efficiently carry out campaigns such as Twitter and LINE follower acquisition and instant wins.

How to use Digital Gifts

Twitter campaign


We respond to needs such as wanting to easily increase the number of followers on Twitter and introducing and promoting services on Twitter.

We support the execution of instant win campaigns that instantly give digital gifts to all users who retweet, follow, or win a particular tweet.

LINE campaign


We meet the needs of increasing LINE friends and promoting our services on LINE.

We support the execution of promotions such as giving digital gifts to all users who have registered as friends on LINE or users who have won the lottery.

Reward for the questionnaire


We respond to needs such as using digital gifts to reward questionnaires and providing one-stop online support from sending questionnaires to rewards.

With digital gifts, you can easily give a reward for the questionnaire by e-mail or other means. We also support the execution of online survey planning.

Reward for requesting materials


We meet the needs of using digital gifts as a reward for requesting materials and reducing shipping and packaging costs.

With digital gifts, you can easily give a reward to the person requesting the material by e-mail or other means. Also, since all you need is your email address, you don't need to manage your personal information, and you don't have to pay for shipping and packaging.

Sales promotion campaign


We will also digitize the campaign to meet the needs of reducing the burden on the management side.

With digital gifts, we provide one-stop support from the operation of instant wins, where you can see the winning results on the spot, to the shipping of prizes. In addition, there is no need to manage the inventory of prizes or personal information, which can greatly reduce the burden on the management side.

Lottery campaign


We will meet the needs of increasing customer satisfaction by digitizing the flow from the announcement of lottery results in the campaign to the shipping of prizes.

Since we offer digital gifts from a unit price of 100 yen, we can maximize the number of winners and aim to increase the number of participants in the campaign.

In addition, we have more than 800 products from 100 brands, which is the largest in the industry, so you can choose the prize according to your target.

Case Study

If you have any concerns about promotion,
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If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us.
Extensive lineup of over 800 types
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