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It was effective in reducing promotion costs and
promoting communication during telework

Sales promotion / welfare

Please tell us the "motivation" for considering the introduction of the service.

I wanted to implement measures to efficiently and improve customer satisfaction, mainly through online direct sales sites and regular sales promotion at sales agents.

Were there any similar services that were weighed?

We compared and examined digital gift services in South Korea with about three companies.

We decided to mafin because we could offer multiple digital gifts according to the purchase price of the customer and outsource the delivery business, so we could realize cost and operational efficiency.

Johnson & Johnson

What kind of effects and results did the introduction have?

It has been well received by customers and has succeeded in reducing the resources required for promotion management.

In addition, when it was used as a welfare program for employees, positive reactions were gathered saying "I could feel the connection with the company even while working from home", which led to improvement in employee satisfaction.

Please tell us your impressions of using the service.

Not only is it easy to use, but there are also many products, so I like finding the one that suits my needs.

We would like to continue using it in various ways in the future.

Johnson & Johnson Korea
The Korean branch of "the world's largest healthcare company" with more than 250 group companies in 60 countries around the world. We provide customers around the world with tens of thousands of products in the fields of consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

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