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Do you have such problems in BtoC business?

I want to hold a campaign that can attract customers efficiently

I want to reduce the cost of holding a campaign

I want to spread the campaign in conjunction with SNS

mafin can solve these problems

Please let us know your concerns about promotion.
We will propose the best way to use digital gifts for your business.

We propose the best gifts for promotion from our abundant lineup.

mafin offers a rich lineup of digital gifts.
In addition to drinks and food that can be exchanged at convenience stores nationwide, content such as videos and music that can be enjoyed on smartphones, more than 800 types are available.
Please consult with our staff regarding upcoming promotions such as in-store customer attraction events and online subscription campaigns.
We will introduce effective gifts according to the purpose, content, target group, number of customers, budget, etc. of the promotion.

Reduce all business burdens and costs such as inventory management, delivery costs, labor costs, etc.

By digitizing the prizes, it is possible to present the prizes simply by sending the URL to the customer's smartphone.
You can reduce the labor and delivery costs of implementing campaigns that have been a problem until now, and solve the problems of resource shortage and cost reduction.
Another big advantage of digital gifts is that the promotion area is not limited.
We also offer a large number of gifts that can be exchanged at convenience stores and chain stores, and realize large-scale campaigns targeting customers all over Japan.

Achieves the spread of campaigns and measurement of effects by linking with SNS

With mafin, you can easily hold an instant win (immediate lottery) campaign by linking with Twitter and LINE.
If you set conditions such as following Twitter, registering as a friend on LINE, posting retweets and hashtags, the campaign will be seen by a large number of users due to diffusion, and it will be effective in raising awareness of the service.
The prize can be presented not only by lottery but also to all the participants of the campaign, maximizing the cost-effectiveness of the promotion.
It can also be used for collecting information related to marketing and for quantifying and demonstrating needs.

If you have any concerns about promotion,
please feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us.
Extensive lineup of over 800 types
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