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Digital Gift service

mafin is a digital gift that can be used for business promotion and campaigns.
Efficiently increase business awareness, acquire customers, and improve satisfaction at low cost.
Contribute to your marketing success.

mafin supports successful promotion

Rich prize lineup

We offer a wide variety of prizes, from drinks and food for 100 yen to high-end items for tens of thousands of yen.
In addition to prizes that can be exchanged at convenience stores and chain stores nationwide, content such as videos and music that can be enjoyed on smartphones can also be presented to customers.
You can choose the gift that matches your promotion from more than 800 kinds of prizes that meet various needs.

Receive free gifts easily with your smartphone

To present a free gift to a customer, simply send the URL via email, LINE, or Twitter.
Since it is a digital gift, there is no need to arrange the packing and delivery of prizes, which has been a heavy burden on the business.
Since customers can exchange gifts for themselves on their smartphones, it is possible to save the trouble of both parties and improve customer satisfaction with services and campaigns.

Cost reduction through digitalization

With digital gifts, the troublesome prize management and shipping can be solved smartly.
You can carry out a campaign more easily than before by simply managing a list of redemption codes used for exchanging prizes and sending them to the customer's smartphone by e-mail.
It also eliminates inventory management and shipping work in the warehouse, reduces all costs, and contributes to the success of your promotion.

If you have any concerns about promotion,
please feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us.
Extensive lineup of over 800 types
Click here for a list of digital gifts