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It was easy because we did not have to deal with the campaign secretariat

SNS( Twitter) Follow and Retweet campaign

Please tell us the "motivation" for considering the introduction of the service.

I saw that you are looking for a monitor by e-mail magazine, and I was interested, so I tried to introduce it.


What kind of effects and results did the introduction have?

Before the introduction, I was worried that the effect on the cost of SNS campaigns was small, but I think that the introduction of the Instant Win tool has improved the cost effectiveness without incurring labor costs and other costs.



Please tell us your impressions of using the service.


Good thing was, we did not have to deal with the campaign secretariat.

In the future, I felt that it would be easier to use if we could make it possible to re-tweet with multiple tweets and get support such as attracting customers.

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