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Background of introduction

  • We were considering measures to improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction of regular sales promotion on online direct sales sites and sales agents.

Decisive factor of introduction

  • We have decided that we can provide multiple digital gifts according to the purchase price of the customer and outsource the delivery business, so we can realize cost and operational efficiency.
  • As part of strengthening contact with VIP customers, we have planned measures to distribute digital gifts along with new products and campaign information.
  • We have decided that the introduction of digital gifts that can be easily given to employee email addresses will contribute to resource reduction in the Human Resources Department.

Effect after introduction

  • We have been well received by our customers, succeeded in reducing the resources required for promotion management, and continue to use digital gifts.
  • Employees responded positively that they could feel a connection with the company even while working from home, which led to an improvement in employee satisfaction.

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